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In this post I detail a new version of my SimpleZoom jQuery plugin for magnifying images. This version is a complete reimplementation of my previous effort in SimpleZoom v.0.2.2 and offers greater customization through new options, plugin methods and events.

In this post I demonstrate how to use the text-shadow, transform and transition CSS properties to create animated 3D text.

A simple demonstration of rendering 3D text using the CSS3 text-shadow rule.

In this blog post I demonstrate image processing techniques using the HTML5 canvas element.

Introducing the updated SimpleZoom v.0.2.2, a jQuery plugin for magnifying images. This updated version of the plugin adds new options and greatly simplifies the invocation process.


what's going on here

My name is Kraig Halfpap and I am a Software Engineer and maintainer of this site. It exists primarily as a place for me to host my experiments with web development and design.


A basic four function calculator

A basic four function calculator implemented as a progressive web app.

You can find the stand-alone version here.

HTML5 Particle Simulation

A demonstration of the HTML5 Canvas API

A simple 2D particle simulator demonstrating the HTML5 Canvas API. You can find the full version here.

There is also a 3D version which can be found here.